Queensland Collection Myrtle is 100% Lyocell "Vegan Silk" - fine spun from from eucalyptus tree cellulose. 100g with 165m approx.
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Myrtle is 100% Lyocell which is fine spun from from eucalyptus tree cellulose giving a silk feel and sheen using only plant fibres. The yarn feels incredibly soft and luxurous, is hypoallergenic and feels cool to the skin. The yarn gets even softer with every wash. Ideal for projects where you want the breathability of cotton and the soft feel of silk.
More Information
Brand Queensland Collection
Fibres Cotton & blends
Yarn Composition 100% Lyocell "Vegan Silk"
Ply 8-ply
Yarn Needle Size 4.5 - 5.5mm
Yarn Ball Skein Weight 100g with 165m
Yarn Washing Instructions Machine wash cold water. Dry flat